Every Sign Points to God

Length 03:07 There’s one noticeable difference between Sora and most members of the Japanese Sign Language Bible translation team: they’re Deaf and Sora is not.

Go behind the scenes with Sora and discover why sign language translation is vitally important for the Deaf.

Managing Relationships

Managing Relationships

Length 3:45 Brian got more than he bargained for, in the best possible way. He was single when he started his…

A Telling Story SHORT V2 freeze2

A Telling Story (short version)

Length 3:05 How do you effectively reach a language and culture built around oral stories where most of the people…

Why Bible Translation_1200

Why Bible Translation (Canadian version-3)

Length 2:07 At Wycliffe, we believe the Bible is God’s Word to us — and as such, something that everyone…

A Light in the Jungle

A Light in the Jungle

Length 16:31 A Light in the Jungle—mystery, death, life—key words that embody this 16-minute docudrama on transformation among the Folopa people…