How Bible Translation Works

Length 5:41 From beginning to end, here’s the Bible translation ministry explained creatively through hand-drawn art on a whiteboard. Our deepest thanks to The Seed Company and Wycliffe South Africa for permission to use the video.

A Light in the Jungle

A Light in the Jungle

Length 16:31 A Light in the Jungle—mystery, death, life—key words that embody this 16-minute docudrama on transformation among the Folopa people…

Our Family Our Language_short 1200

Our Family, Our Language (short version)

Length 2:08 In this short version of Our Family, Our Language we see the importance of mother tongue Scriptures through the…

Healing-Trauma|Healing Trauma_cross praise

Healing Trauma

Length 5:39 From two civil wars to active rebel groups and widespread corruption, the people of the Democratic Republic of…

Missionary Mom V2 freeze|Missionary Mom

Missionary Mom

Length 5:14 Any way you slice it, being a mom in any culture is a fundamental role with mammoth impact.…