Our Family, Our Language

Length 5:47 Are mother tongue Scriptures really that important? Step into the lives of a very special Pokomchi family in Guatemala. Oswaldo and his wife, Hidalia, share about life in their village of Nisnic and the impact of God’s Word in their heart language.

Working Slick_freeze1

Working Slick

Length 2:33 Using technology effectively is foundational to the success of any organization. Learn more in our film, Working Slick…

Fully Human_ending Bible poverty_1200

Fully Human

Length 2:36 This moving short film reveals two key factors around the Bible translation ministry that helped elevate the status…

Healing-Trauma|Healing Trauma_cross praise

Healing Trauma

Length 5:39 From two civil wars to active rebel groups and widespread corruption, the people of the Democratic Republic of…

Peace River Sign Language promo pic

Peace River Sign Language promo

Length 3:00 A community of Deaf believers in Southeast Asia are translating Bible passages chronologically into their own language. You…