A Great Harvest in Peru

What is currently happening with the Quechua Church is truly extraordinary! There is revival!

I have never seen anything like it in all the time I have been working in ministry. The Quechua people are responding by affirming their faith, as the church proclaims the love of God to new converts. Many are added daily to the church, including many who are being reconciled to God.

Although the authorities have once again quarantined the Cusco region, the Quechua Church has found very inspiring ways to meet and they are doing it daily in small family groups. They also meet on the mountain tops or in the forest and along the streams. The more isolated and distant they are, the better, and no matter how long they have to walk, they gather to worship God.

People are concerned about reordering their lives. Parents are dedicating their children to God and others are taking the step of baptism. The male and female leaders we trained are now serving, leading and making decisions. Now we can see with great satisfaction how God has been directing us and instructing the Quechua people, so they can function as a church at this time.

I feel very fortunate to be part of this great time. I’m [thankful] that God has allowed me to see, with my own eyes, this great harvest and be in their midst, encouraging them to continue. Really, it does not matter why they are coming or [if their motivation is] fear. As Paul says, “Whether their motives are false or genuine, they preach the message of Christ, so I rejoice. And I will continue to rejoice.

Now the Quechua Church is responsible to [nurture] this great harvest by discipling the new converts. I sincerely believe that the church is prepared to do so.

Source: Fredi Quintanilla, executive director of ATEK (a Wycliffe partner organization in Peru)

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