Chadians celebrate full Bible in Chadian Arabic

Translation of the full Bible into Chadian Arabic, a language spoken by half the population of Chad, was completed in 2019. The project, which spanned 25 years, culminated in the arrival of some 21,000 printed copies this past April. Two Bible dedications were held in the Central African country, beginning on May 20 for government officials and Muslim leaders.

This was followed by a dedication ceremony for church members and the public three days later. Several hundred people celebrated together at the Palais de 15 Janvier in N’Djamena, the nation’s capital. Singing and speeches punctuated the afternoon, along with the procession of the Bible, Bible readings, and prayers of dedication offered by representatives of both the Catholic and the Protestant churches.

The dedications were followed by a three-day Scripture Use workshop. Participants learned about the reader helps in the Bible, including a glossary, chronological tables, maps, book introductions, and footnotes with references. They also strengthened their reading ability and spent time doing some Bible studies together in the book of Genesis.

The Bible was sold at both of the dedications and is now available for purchase at the United Bible Societies and SIL, Wycliffe’s key partner organization. Within the first week following the dedications, hundreds of Bibles were distributed across the country. In addition, the Bible is available, in both its Roman Script and its Arabic Script versions, as an Android app. 

In one central Chadian city, a believer who received a copy of the new Bible literally jumped for joy and wept, as she reflected on the significance of being able to read the whole Bible in her language. Although the dedications were special events, it is the Bible in the hands of believers that will have an impact in Chad for years to come.

Source: SIL Chad Prayer News, June 2021

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