Indonesian partner agency celebrates 30 years of ministry

About 200 staff members and guests gathered in Jakarta this past November to celebrate 30 years of ministry by Kartidaya, Wycliffe’s oldest partner organization in Indonesia.

Dressed in traditional costumes, and holding up various completed translations and Scripture materials, Kartidaya personnel marched to the stage, region by region, to praise God for His grace and guidance over the past 30 years.

Founded in 1989, Kartidaya serves the Church and other organizations in and beyond Indonesia, through traditional Bible translation efforts as well as “JESUS” film translation, ethno-arts and activities that encourage engagement with the translated Scriptures.

As of 2020, Kartidaya has 45 staff members and is involved in language-related work for 25 language groups (three clusters and seven individual projects). Over the past three decades, Kartidaya has helped to complete the New Testament in four languages as well as Scripture portions in about 57 languages.

Among the 719 language groups in Indonesia, 295 still do not have access to the Word of God in their heart languages.

Photo by Ling Lam

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