Marriages Renewed

Alejandro Apaza and Asencia Huamani, a Quechua couple living high in the Peruvian Andes community of Ccachachi, are dedicated to raising alpacas. Not long ago, their marriage was failing.

“I used to drink a lot,” says Alejandro, “and I insulted and beat my wife and children. I did so much damage to my family.

“One day, we heard from a couple at the church we have been attending that their marriage was better, because they had attended the ATEK marriage workshop. They encouraged us to attend the next workshop and we decided to go.”

To attend the workshop, Alejandro and Asencia had to walk for three hours across snow-capped mountains, hoping to receive help for their troubled marriage.

“During the teachings,” says Alejandro, “we found answers for our married life. I realized the damage I had done to my wife, but fortunately, there was time set aside to ask for forgiveness. We both asked for forgiveness with all our heart and since then, we have grown in our respect for each other.”

The couple now help and advise other families in the church, as well friends and family members.

“We give thanks to God,” says Alejandro, “and to the ATEK ministry that is blessing the Quechua people.”


ATEK is a Wycliffe partner in Peru involved in Bible translation, literacy and activities that promote the use of translated Scriptures among the Quechua people.

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