“Now I know what to read in our mosque!”

A Christian woman from Central Asia regularly travels to her Muslim homeland, where everyone knows she is a Christian.

Photo of Uzbek man by Steve Evans (Flickr)

Some years ago, she came to a village inhabited by Uzbeks. When the local mullah proudly showed her a new mosque, he likely expected criticism from her because of her belief in Christ. Instead, the woman spoke positively about the mosque and said she hoped that God’s Word would be preached there.

“The mullah was surprised,” she says, “and when I gave him a copy of the New Testament in Uzbek he took it, touched it with his lips and forehead and finally held it close to his heart.

“A group of men had gathered around us and when they saw how the mullah received the New Testament with such honour, they also wanted copies, but unfortunately I did not have any more with me.”

Recently the woman returned to her country and travelled back to the same village. The mullah had heard about her arrival and approached her as she was walking on the road.

Photo of mosque by bouassa (Pixabay)

“While still far off, he called out, “My daughter! You’ve returned at last! Do you remember that when you were here last time you gave me the New Testament in Uzbek? I am so grateful to you! Now I know every Friday what to read in our mosque, and I have a holy book which shows the way to God in my language.

“The other books that I have I could not understand, but this one helps me to prepare my sermons and give hope to those who listen!”

Source: IBT Russia 
Story by Barbro Lindstrom
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