REMAINING NEED as of Apr. 20th until August 2020: $17,900

In Thailand, Christians account for less than one per cent of the population. The challenge to reach cultures steeped in Buddhism and animism is immense. In neighbouring countries, hostility towards Christianity creates significant challenges for those involved in Bible translation. They need your support in order to persevere and share the Word of God with people in their own language.

““The Thai church is key to seeing missions, including language work, advance in the region,” says Tharawat Suebthayat, or “Wat,” the director of Wycliffe Thai Foundation. “We are Thai. We can easily learn neighbouring languages and adjust to their cultures.”


You can help make an impact for eternity in the language groups served by this project. Through your financial gifts and prayers, you will partner with local Thai churches to engage young people in all aspects of Bible translation, literacy and Scripture use. Wycliffe Thai Foundation sees Thailand as a natural hub to reach upwards of 200 language communities in restricted Southeast Asian nations that still lack even a word of Scripture in their mother tongue.


– Through vision-sharing events, hundreds of young people in Thailand are catching the vision for Bible translation in Southeast Asia. As one participant said, “I learned the perspective of what God has for His people. They receive His blessings to be a blessing to the nations.”

– More than 100 villagers in a neighbouring country can now read the Bible in their language. In that people group, more than 1,500 have come to Christ over the past six years.

– Training workshops held in a nearby restricted country have equipped believers from five language groups to craft oral Bible stories for their people

PRAYER POINTS: We praise the Lord that Tharawat was able to meet with 16 pastors with the result of two churches wanting to run a Kairos course. We are thankful for those who have indicated their decision to become members of Wycliffe Thailand. Be in prayer for them as they will be involved in raising their financial support. Also be in prayer as Wycliffe Singapore, Wycliffe Indonesia, Wycliffe Malaysia and Wycliffe Thailand discuss doing fundraising together.


– Visit the project regularly to monitor progress, address challenges and help ensure good stewardship of resources

– Send you regular updates to keep you informed of progress, financial need and prayer requests

– Send you an annual tax receipt for your donations


2019 Project Profile

Word Alive Magazine, Summer 2016