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The Cree Initiative project trains and supports local First Nations people in Canada to do Bible translation and promote the use of God’s Word in their heart languages. Currently, the project is focused on three Cree-related language groups in Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.

Despite a long history of missionary work among First Nations groups, speakers of these Cree languages are hindered by a lack of Scriptures they can clearly understand. Leaders of the indigenous church are eager for their people to know that God loves them. His Word in their mother tongue is crucial for their spiritual well-being and a truly indigenous faith in Christ.

God’s Word will also equip Christians in these Cree communities to deal with the problems around them, including addictions, suicide, abuse and depression. As well, mother-tongue Scriptures will help boost the use of their languages, key to their sense of identity that was lost through the impact of residential schools.

My Colour, My Language

You can help make an impact for eternity in Cree language groups. Your financial gifts will enable the Cree Initiative to facilitate Bible translation in the Oji-Cree language of northern Ontario and help start projects in several other Cree languages across Canada. Furthermore, you can help equip mother-tongue Bible translators through scheduled training workshops.


  • A First Nations Translator Workshop was held in Guelph, Ont. in November 2022. It was the sixth such workshop held since 2015 and the first since the pandemic struck in 2020.
  • Scripture-based trauma healing workshops were developed for the Western Swampy Cree community in Split Lake, Man. This church-led training program was set up to equip clergy members and lay leaders with tools to address trauma within their communities.
  • In the Oji-Cree language, the local church in Kingfisher Lake, Ont. has published the Gospel of Mark and completed an audio recording of the book. Consultant-checking of John’s Epistles has also been completed, as well team checking of John’s Gospel.
  • In the Naskapi language of Quebec, a first draft translation has been done for about a two-thirds of the whole Bible. The book of Exodus is currently ready for publication, and is being typeset by the Canadian Bible Society. The entire New Testament (2007), the books of Genesis (2013) and Psalms (2019) have all been published and are accessible to the Naskapi community. Work continues on the various checking stages of the Old Testament books of Judges, Deuteronomy, Joshua and Job.
  • The Canadian Bible Society has begun the process of typesetting and publishing the Naskapi book of Exodus, which they hope to have ready early in 2023. The audio version of the book of Exodus has been completed and distributed to the Naskapi radio station for local airplay.


Praise God for recent events and gatherings that allow the Indigenous Initiatives Bible translation projects to move forward!


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