Payap University MA Program

Southeast Asia

Ending Bible poverty in Asia—this is what many of the graduates of Payap University are doing. You can help millions of Bibleless people access God’s Word by equipping emerging leaders in Southeast Asia.

In Chiang Mai, Thailand, Payap students are being trained in linguistics, Bible translation, literacy teaching, and related ministries. Your partnership equips them to bring hope and literacy to all peoples. The mission of the Payap University linguistics department is to train skilled linguists and promote the research of languages, focusing on the languages of Southeast Asia. Wycliffe assists in this mission by providing personnel and funding.

Your gift to Payap University MA Program actively supports the linguistics program by providing paid personnel, funding and financial scholarships to Southeast Asian students.

The impact of this program is spreading over broader areas of Asia, both in staff working with minority languages and students being trained.


Your generous support of the Payap MA program equips crucial Bible translation and literacy experts to bring God’s Word to the hundreds of language groups that need it. You can help make Scripture come alive for millions of people who haven’t yet met their loving Saviour.

You can help make an impact for eternity in Southeast Asia. Your financial gifts will enable the Payap MA program to:

  • Offer three courses in translation. Most students want to be equipped to do Bible translation
  • Train students in language development, including literacy
  • Equip students who are from Southeast Asia to return to their home countries to do Bible translation and/or language development
  • Help students carry out foundational linguistic research required for Bible translation and language development for regional languages
  • Support staff to provide academic service to Southeast Asia. Staff members serve as expert translation consultants or—alongside senior students—run workshops on topics requested by communities.

  • Nora*, Martha* and Karis* all successfully completed and passed their first semester classes including grammar, phonology, and sociolinguistics.
  • Two others have completed their final third semester classes. Both are beginning the final requirement of their Independent Studies project.
  • On a recent class field trip, students visited a school based on one students’ Lahu mother tongue. Together with other classmates they are working on developing local literacy materials. Teachers showed the students a variety of instructional books based on principles they were learning. “It was very exciting for me to see it in real-life,” said a student named Karis*. “We can see the confidence and active participation of the children in class. . . . I really want to see this kind of school implemented into our language community as well.”


Pray for the students who are defending their Independent Study theses.


  • Visit the project regularly to monitor progress, address challenges and help ensure good stewardship of resources
  • Send you regular updates to keep you informed of the Payap MA Program’s progress, financial need and prayer requests
  • Send you an annual tax receipt for your donations

Remaining Need:
of $448,180

Current phase:


  • 2023-24|$143,180
  • 2024-25|$153,920
  • 2025-26|$151,080

Your gift will help: