Payap University MA Program

Southeast Asia

The mission of Payap University linguistics department is to train students to be skilled linguists and to promote the research and documentation of languages, focusing on the languages of mainland Southeast Asia, which will be of value to the local and international communities.

Located in the northern Thailand city of Chiang Mai, Payap University is home to many different language groups and is the centre of a linguistic area that stretches far beyond the borders of the country. The impact of this program is spreading over broader areas of Asia, both in staff working with minority languages and students being trained.


Your generous support of the Payap MA program equips crucial Bible translation and literacy experts to bring God’s Word to the hundreds of language groups that need it. You can help make Scripture come alive for millions of people who haven’t yet met their loving Saviour.

You can help make an impact for eternity in Southeast Asia. Your financial gifts will enable the Payap MA program to:

  • Offer three courses in translation. Most students want to be equipped to do Bible translation
  • Train students in language development, including literacy
  • Equip students who are from Southeast Asia to return to their home countries to do Bible translation and/or language development
  • Help students carry out foundational linguistic research required for Bible translation and language development for regional languages
  • Support staff to provide academic service to Southeast Asia. Staff members serve as expert translation consultants or—alongside senior students—run workshops on topics requested by communities.


The Payap MA program counts the number of graduates working in partnership with SIL, Wycliffe’s key field partner, as one of their top accomplishments. They are involved in language projects in five Southeast Asian nations; 15 graduates are currently involved in the Kinsha project, with two more joining later this year after completing their theses.

Payap is also proud of the leadership of two graduates who serve(d) as translation advisers for the Lahu Shi New Testament project. The New Testament in this language group was dedicated in 2016.

The seven students admitted to the MA program have started their regular graduate classes and are generally  doing very well. As many as eight students are on track to graduate in 2021.

Merry* has been accepted as a scholarship student into the MA program. However, she needs to obtain a passport very soon. Please pray that she will obtain a passport on time so she can start studying at Payap in May 2022.


  • Visit the project regularly to monitor progress, address challenges and help ensure good stewardship of resources
  • Send you regular updates to keep you informed of the Payap MA Program’s progress, financial need and prayer requests
  • Send you an annual tax receipt for your donations
Remaining Need:
of $178,780

Current phase:
2021-22 | $90,080
2022-23 | $88,700

Your gift will help:

  • Capacity Building