Indigenous Initiatives in Canada


Over the years, the community-driven approach and restorative impact of the Cree Initiative has led to other Indigenous communities in Canada expressing interest in accessing Scripture in their own languages.

Through your support, the Indigenous Initiatives in Canada fund will continue to resource the Cree Initiative while expanding the work of Bible translation to Indigenous languages across the country.

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Resourcing language development efforts (such as the development of dictionaries, grammars, reading materials etc.) is significant for Indigenous people in Canada, especially given the trauma and language loss caused by the residential school system. The translation of God’s Word into Indigenous languages helps Indigenous people restore their sense of identity as Indigenous Christians. The Indigenous Initiatives in Canada will provide the support required for mother-tongue translators to fulfil their self-determined Scripture translation, language development, and literacy goals. 

When someone hears Jesus speaking to them in their language, His message of hope speaks to their heart. One Cree language workshop participant shared, “I just about bawled my eyes out by the time I finished reading these two verses [Luke 2:10-11] in Oji-Cree. Reading it in my language . . . made it very meaningful and very moving.”

Wycliffe Canada has indeed witnessed Bible translation help many Cree individuals reclaim their mother tongue in spiritual contexts for prayer, worship, and Bible study. Through the Indigenous Initiatives in Canada, many more communities of believers can experience Jesus speaking their language.


Support current translation projects in Cree communities. The Cree Initiative has furthered Bible translation and language development in various Cree language communities for more than a decade. Wycliffe Canada’s goal is to support and equip Cree language speakers as they carry out the translation of Scripture, liturgies, literacy tools, and culturally-relevant materials in their language. 

Provide training for future Blackfoot translators. Wycliffe Canada, in partnership with the Canadian Bible Society, will provide technical support and help train Blackfoot speakers to begin translating Scripture and Scripture engagement materials into their traditional language. Local translators are eager, but they require technical expertise and translation consulting. 

Help meet translation and language development needs for other Indigenous communities in Canada. Indigenous Initiatives in Canada exists as a seed fund. When new Indigenous language groups approach Wycliffe Canada, this fund will ensure we can resource them with accessible consulting, training, and technical support for communities to reach their translation and language development goals.


Pray for more interest and involvement from Blackfoot youth.


  • Visit the projects periodically to monitor progress, address challenges, and help ensure good stewardship of resources
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