Ndop Cluster


Wycliffe members and local translators from Cameroon’s Ndop Plain are working together to translate the Bible, teach literacy and share the Good News in nine related languages. In a tenth language which already has the New Testament, teams are helping Christians and others in local communities to become literate and engage with the translated Scriptures.

Together, they are encouraging pride in their heritage. We are seeing lives transformed as the Scriptures are shared in the heart languages of their peoples.

This is a critical moment. Building upon the work already accomplished, Cameroonians are overcoming a translation bottleneck, and are furthering Scripture translation and literacy work among their people. Work in a joint office is allowing the translators to progress ahead of schedule—despite a pandemic and a civil conflict.


You can help make an impact for eternity in this cluster of related languages. Your financial gifts will enable the Ndop Cluster project to translate the New Testament into nine languages, share the gospel through film and media and teach people of the Ndop Plain to read and write. As literacy takes root, they will be better equipped to access education, overcome poverty and establish strong churches built on a clearer understanding of God’s Word.


  • The full New Testament has been translated and published in the Bambalang language.
  • New Testament drafts are either complete or nearing completion in seven of the languages.
  • The translation of the Bamunka New Testament has been finished and is in final stages before typesetting for an early version of 100 copies. A second version containing tone marks will be finalized by mid-2024.
  • The “Luke” film is being shown repeatedly; Bamunka speakers have viewed it eight times!
  • The “Acts” film has been recorded in Bambalang.
  • The orthography (writing system) for Babessi, another Ndop language, has been approved.


Pray for the growing need to get the increasing amount of New Testament Scripture into the Ndop people’s churches and homes.


  • Visit the project regularly to monitor progress, address challenges and help ensure good stewardship of resources
  • Send you regular updates to keep you informed of progress, financial need and prayer requests
  • Send you an annual tax receipt for your donations

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