Saved by a former enemy

Two years ago I received trauma healing training concerning God’s love for people during times of suffering and how to manage conflicts and forgiveness. Sometimes the people we hate, believing they are our sworn enemies, are really not.   

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In my own life, following an unnecessary conflict, I had considered Rigo, a brother from my village, as my enemy. But after the training on conflict management and forgiveness, I had returned to a peaceful relationship with him. 

In January 2020, I was working in my field cutting down trees with a chainsaw. It is a job that I did many years ago and I felt quite experienced in this work.

While I was cutting a tree, the trunk fell on my right leg. It fractured my bones and ripped open my flesh from heel to knee. I couldn’t get up, or walk. Unfortunately I was alone at the accident site, some nine km from the village and 28 km from the hospital, with no means of transport.

Closing ceremony of a recent trauma healing workshop in DRC.

The person God sent to rescue me was Rigo. When he saw me on the ground, my leg crushed by the tree, he did everything possible to remove the tree trunk on my leg. He then ran to the village to call the people who came to transport me from the field to the village and then to the hospital.

I have been in the hospital for three months now. I have faith that God will heal my leg and I am very thankful for the brothers who supported me in this accident—especially the help that Rigo gave me, for to me it is proof that he forgave me and that he is not my enemy as I once thought.


Written by Ebay Tubi, Democratic Republic of the Congo

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