South Asians respond to the Word

Representative image. Photo by Marc Ewell.

Though South Asia can be a challenging region of the world for Christians to serve faithfully in ministry, Bible translation is moving forward and God is blessing His people.

In one area, the New Testament was recently completed for 12 people groups, and the focus has now shifted to translating the Old Testament. The five-year project involves training more than 60 local people. Some will become translators, while others will serve as quality-checkers.

A Life Changed
As the work progresses, people like Sai*, who is blind, are responding in faith. Sai committed his life to Jesus Christ a few years ago. Recently there was a torrential downpour but Sai grabbed his walking stick and started an arduous uphill climb to reach a house church where he could hear the audio Scriptures in his language. Drenched and breathing heavily, Sai leaned against his stick and called out, “Brother, can you help me climb?”

The approaching Bible translation team immediately recognized Sai and quickly assisted him. The team was inspired by his commitment.

“It was breathtaking to see a blind man [overcome his struggles to] hear the audio Bible,” a staff member later said.

Since that encounter, the New Testament has been completed in Sai’s language and he now plays the audio Scripture for his friends and neighbours. When they hear the stories of Jesus in their language, they’re receptive to the truth of God’s Word.


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