Feeling Loved and Valued

Matilde is a young woman who lives in the village of Pataqhewar in southern Peru, with her husband and children. Her daily responsibilities include taking care of the family’s cattle.

Some time ago, she decided to attend a literacy class, presented by ATEK (a Wycliffe Canada partner in the South American country) based on readings from the Bible in Cusco Quechua, her mother tongue.

Initially, her husband taunted her, saying, “Why would you go since you don’t even know how to read? They will make fun of you.” But Matilde persevered; she’s now growing in her ability to read the Bible.

“I ask my children to help me understand, [but] they don’t,” says Matilde. “So [at home] I lock myself in my room . . . and concentrate on what I read, to understand better.”

Matilde says her husband now supports her desire to learn and he treats her with more respect. When she tells him she is going to the literacy class, he even gives her money for transportation and other expenses. Although she used to worry about who would care for the cattle while she attended classes, her husband told her he would rather sell them if they prevented her from learning.

“I feel loved and valued, both by God and by my husband,” says Matilde, who now leads a Bible study group in her community. “I want to keep learning well to lead the group of women who are in my charge.”


ATEK is ministering to speakers of Cusco Quechua, spoken by 1.6 million people. Learn more about how you can support this work, sponsored by Wycliffe Canada.

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