New Wycliffe video features Canadian author Ann Voskamp

“If we care about people actually having life in the world,” says writer and speaker Ann Voskamp, “. . . how can they know what it means to be fully human apart from God’s Word?”

Ann Voskamp

A popular Canadian speaker, blogger and author of One Thousand Gifts, Voskamp recently visited the Netherlands, where she was interviewed by a Wycliffe media team. Her comments about the Bible’s transforming power are part of an inspiring new video produced by Wycliffe Canada, with footage provided by Wycliffe Netherlands as well as Wycliffe South Africa and Seed Company.

Voskamp says she has followed Wycliffe’s work in Bible translation for more than 30 years. She also speaks candidly about her 2018 visit to Kenya, East Africa, where she witnessed a New Testament dedication event.

“I had the utter and complete joy of being with the Rendille people as there was a Bible dedication. The New Testament was finally complete in their own language . . . and that had been more than a 30-year process.”

Voskamp says the Rendille’s hunger for Scripture in their language made a deep impression on her.

“Not only was it a privilege of a lifetime to actually witness, but also they were deeply mentoring and discipling me on the value of God’s Word.”

Watch now: Wycliffe and Ann Voskamp—A Shared Passion (3:16)

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