You can support a number of passionate Bali and Mba speaking Christians in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as they act as ambassadors of Christ in their communities and renounce traditional occult practices.

Believers in both language communities are eager to have the Bible or, at least the New Testament, translated into their first language and available in written and oral form.

But physical, educational and spiritual poverty bind them. With your help, they will build strong Christian communities, overcome poverty with literacy, and preserve their rich culture for future generations.


You can help make an impact for eternity among the Bali and Mba people. Your financial gifts will enable project staff to:

  • Actively promote the work of Bible translation to help engage churches and communities in the process
  • Translate the Scriptures
  • Share the gospel through media such as the “JESUS” film in local languages
  • Encourage and equip local people involved as they take pride in their heritage



  • John 1-11 in Bali has been checked by a translation consultant
  • Acts was prepared for distribution
  • One song was translated in the past quarter
  • One sub-committee has been installed in Baego


  • Completed draft translations of 1 and 2 Timothy
  • Held 2 literacy classes, with 41 participants in total
  • Two literacy classes were held with a total of 41 participants
  • Updated the syllabus and teacher’s guide to learn to read and write in Mba
  • Joined workshop on how to teach volunteers to teach others to read and write in Mba
  • Trained 6 volunteers to run reading and writing classes by themselves

Pray for resources to renovate the Mba office for space and comfort.


  • Visit the project periodically to monitor progress, address challenges and help ensure good stewardship of resources
  • Send you regular updates to keep you informed of progress, financial need and prayer requests
  • Send you an annual tax receipt for your donations
Remaining Need:
of $135,380

Current phase:


  • 2023-24|$135,380

Your gift will help: