Priority Projects Fund


Canadians like you are financially supporting more than a dozen field projects sponsored by Wycliffe Canada around the world. Your investments are crucial for our local field partners to advance Bible translation and related ministries among minority language speakers in the mountains of South America, the plains of Africa, the forests of Asia, and elsewhere.

These dynamic projects sometimes face new, unexpected and urgent financial needs. For example:

  • More local people in a language group may be eager for training in Bible translation than first expected.
  • A translation consultant may have to leave a project, but retired consultants can stand in the gap to check Scriptures for awhile, if their airfare is provided.
  • A government suddenly approves the start-up of multilingual education, in a language where Scriptures are being translated.
  • Other funding sponsors must drop out of supporting a project and we are asked to cover the shortfall.

In these situations, God is often opening new doors to spread His kingdom. He is on the move, and His people in Canada can step out and respond with courage and generosity.

To meet these critical funding opportunities, Wycliffe Canada has created the Priority Projects Fund. When important project needs arise, they can be met as soon as possible because the money is already in place!

Your gift is crucial to ensure that funds are available for rapid and effective use, so God’s Word touches even more lives sooner. And you can know that your donation is being used for highly critical needs that require a response in short order.

Remaining Need:
of $274,660

This is an ongoing fund that helps us respond to the most pressing needs in the field.

Current phase:


  • 2023-24|$105,640
  • 2024-25|$84,510
  • 2025-26|$84,510