Removing roadblocks

For years, Kai would flip through the Bible and just stare at the pages. The words felt jumbled to him and the concepts didn’t resonate.

The Jade Star translation team sign “I love you,” while on a break from a Sign Language Translation and Deaf Arts conference in Thailand.

As a Deaf person, Kai had difficulty comprehending many of the words used in text-based Scripture, and he found it frustrating. He recognized the importance of studying God’s Word, but the written language, with its own grammar and vocabulary, seemed like an insurmountable roadblock for him.

Kai often asked teachers at his Deaf school to explain the Bible stories to him, but they were unable to help. After all, they didn’t know how to convey biblical concepts in Kai’s sign language. Even church sermons left Kai discouraged because he couldn’t read the verses mentioned in them.

But God is at work through the Jade Star* Sign Language translation team, and Kai is now able to watch Scripture being signed in video format. He’s delighted by how clear the message is. Finally his roadblock is gone!

Kai says he yearns for more Scriptures to be translated into his sign language.

“Many passages and Bible books still need to be translated!”

*Country name withheld due to sensitivity

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