A heart filled with honey

During the closing program of a literacy workshop in Cameroon, a woman named Stella shared her excitement about learning to read and write her Baba language. As a child, Stella had enjoyed attending school whenever possible. But because there was no one who could sponsor her education, she had to drop out.

“I was so disturbed with my situation,” said Stella, “that I was ashamed to be among people or to even speak among people.

Stella (standing) now teaches others how to read and write in Baba. (Photo provided)

“While I was struggling with this sense of shame,” she continued, “I always dreamed of sitting and learning in a class. So when [I heard] there was a mother-tongue class where people can learn how to read and write, I decided to come.”

Stella said at first, she was afraid people would laugh at her.

“But today, I am sitting with teachers and the way you people treat us, you do not [even] know who is a teacher among us. All of us are the same.

“I can say that God planned this whole thing just for me because . . . those dreams that I found myself reading and writing in class have materialized today. So, I am so thankful to God for making me be part of this great privilege.

“My heart seems to be filled with honey.”

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