Delivered from darkness

Growing up under communism as part of a minority language group in Asia, Bota knew nothing about Jesus. But as a young adult, she grew increasingly curious about the meaning of life and whether God existed. When Christian friends invited her to a meeting, she was astonished to learn that portions of Scripture had been translated into her Kazakh language. She began reading the Scriptures by candlelight and soon, the light of God’s Word began to transform her life.

Bota has personally experienced the transforming power of Scriptures in her heart language. In 2007, she came to Canada to study accounting and management, and one year later, God opened the door for her to join the staff of Wycliffe Canada. 

Learn more about Bota’s amazing journey to Christ, on This is Your Story. To give to Bota’s work at Wycliffe, follow the link on her profile page.

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