Update on our Remaining Need amounts: Our funding commitments to Bible translation projects are made in 3-year cycles and include regular checkpoints with our field partners to ensure mutual accountability.

For greater transparency and a more accurate picture of the scope of our projects, the amounts below now reflect the remaining need based on the entire 3-year funding commitment for the current phase of each project.

The Bible Translator’s Assistant

Imagine if we could translate Scriptures faster, for less cost, and then end up with a better quality translation. That’s what The Bible Translator’s Assistant (TBTA) software has been shown…

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Priority Projects Fund

Canadians like you are financially supporting more than a dozen field projects sponsored by Wycliffe Canada around the world. Your investments are crucial for our local field partners to advance…

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Indigenous Initiatives in Canada

Over the years, the community-driven approach and restorative impact of the Cree Initiative has led to other Indigenous communities in Canada expressing interest in accessing Scripture in their own languages….

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The Asarɨ’o people, an indigenous language group in the mountainous jungles of Papua New Guinea, number around 1,500. Mostly consisting of subsistence farmers, this rural community highly values relationships and…

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Scripture Completion Fund

When Wycliffe Canada members come to the end of a Bible translation project, extra costs are often accrued. Consultant fees, travel costs and printing expenses can add up, leaving translation…

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Jade Star

Research indicates that more than 350 sign languages are in use around the world today, yet only one—American Sign Language—has a translation of the complete Bible! And only two per cent…

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Island Advance

Island Advance aims to assist local churches in a region of Southeast Asia, to provide Scripture for two indigenous language groups, Nomi* and Ardent,* with a total population of around 6 million…

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AIDIA Pastaza Translation

Deep in the rainforest of Peru, some 12,000 Southern Pastaza and Northern Pastaza Quechua people dwell along the banks of two main rivers. In 1997, the Southern Pastaza New Testament…

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A teacher of a level one multi-lingual class leads the class in a song about the days of the week. The Multi-lingual school allows students to learn in their mother tongue before teaching them the the national languages of English or French.

Ndop Cluster

Wycliffe members and local translators from Cameroon’s Ndop Plain are working together to translate the Bible, teach literacy and share the Good News in nine related languages. In a tenth…

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Eastern Lawa

This new Bible translation initiative is beginning at an opportune moment. Communities which have been hostile to Christianity and the Scriptures are now open to gaining literacy skills. A very…

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