Update on our Remaining Need amounts: Our funding commitments to Bible translation projects are made in 3-year cycles and include regular checkpoints with our field partners to ensure mutual accountability.

For greater transparency and a more accurate picture of the scope of our projects, the amounts below now reflect the remaining need based on the entire 3-year funding commitment for the current phase of each project.

Priority Projects Fund

Canadians like you are financially supporting more than a dozen field projects sponsored by Wycliffe Canada around the world. Your investments are crucial for our local field partners to advance…

Remaining Need:

Uka matriarchs celebrate at the dedication of the freshly published Uka New Testament. The Uka translation is written in the heart language of 15,000 primarily indigenous mountain dwellers across four Southeast Asian countries.


Kinsha is a Bible translation effort in a sensitive area of Southeast Asia, representing 3.5 million people in three countries. The few Christians in this region are eager to be…

Remaining Need:


Eastern Lawa

This new Bible translation initiative is beginning at an opportune moment. Communities which have been hostile to Christianity and the Scriptures are now open to gaining literacy skills. A very…

Fully Funded

Southern Thai Oral Bible Storying

For language groups with oral cultures, chronological oral Bible stories are an effective way for people to engage with God’s Word. Through the Southern Thai Oral Bible Storying initiative, believers…

Remaining Need:


SURAM Cameroon

Why are some Bibles left closed, gathering dust, while others transform individuals, communities and generations? Scripture Use Research and Ministry (SURAM) will help uncover this important mystery. It does so…

Remaining Need:


Trauma Healing Cameroon

Trauma healing provides comfort and hope to people who have experienced violence, sexual assault, death, and the destruction of their homes. Through workshops and Bible studies using mother-tongue Scripture, Trauma…

Fully Funded

Northern Thai Literacy Internship & SE

The Northern Thai region of Lanna—which means a “million rice fields”—is known for its unique culture and ancient traditions. Although six to seven million people speak this northern dialect, fewer…

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Eastern Yakon

You can help a small team of dedicated believers as they advance language development and literacy in a sensitive region of Southeast Asia. The Eastern Yakon people form a vibrant,…

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