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Feeling Loved and Valued

By Samuel Ko | Nov 15, 2018

When Matilde decided to attend a literacy class based on Bible readings in Cusco Quechua, her mother tongue, her husband taunted her.

Faithful God, Faithful Servant

By Samuel Ko | Nov 1, 2018

Goma Mabele knows what perseverance is, after serving three decades in the Mbandja Bible translation project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Gospel Comes Alive for Ethiopian Deaf

By Samuel Ko | Oct 31, 2018

We hoped that, one day, we would get a way to learn God’s Word in a way that we understand best.

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Brazil workshop equips consultants

By Samuel Ko | Oct 30, 2018

A recent work­shop in Brazil for trans­la­tion con­sul­tants-in-train­ing drew 50 participants from nine countries.

A Traditional Priest Chooses Christ

By Samuel Ko | Oct 26, 2018

“Even though I had heard the Word of God before,” says Emmanuel, “it had never spoken to my heart . . . as it did when I started hearing it being read to me in my mother tongue.”


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A Lamp Inside My Head

By Samuel Ko | Oct 25, 2018

One of the tribesmen who helped translate the Scriptures for the Kalinga people in the northern Philippines was named Biano. As a Wycliffe linguist was preparing to return to Australia for a time, he expressed curiosity about why Biano never questioned the Scriptures.

7 Ways to Get the Word in You

By Samuel Ko | Oct 24, 2018

“Your Word have I hidden in my heart that I might not sin against you”

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Join Us Eating God’s Word

By Samuel Ko | Oct 23, 2018

Several years after the Wapishana people of Guyana, South America, received their New Testament, the translation continues to touch lives.

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God’s Word Lights the Way

By Samuel Ko | Oct 18, 2018

With a happy grin and sweat pouring down his face, Pey* was the first to arrive at the Scripture-checking meeting each morning. He left home before four a.m. and returned after nightfall, a grueling four-hour hike (with an elevation gain…

One Letter Makes a Big Difference

By Samuel Ko | Oct 17, 2018

There is nothing God wants to say that he cannot say in any language on earth. Wycliffe Bible Translators believe this with all our hearts. We, along with our partners, are committed to clear, accurate and natural Bible translation. Another way…