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Opening Up a Road

By Samuel Ko | Apr 4, 2019

Pastor José Alberto was dismissed as the pastor of his small church in Guatemala—for preaching the truth.

Faith Comes By Hearing Joins Alliance

By Samuel Ko | Mar 19, 2019

Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH), a non-profit organization headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has joined the Wycliffe Global Alliance. On Jan. 8, FCBH leaders signed a membership covenant at a meeting with Alliance leaders from the Americas, thereby joining more than 100 organizations…

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SIL Announces 22nd Edition of Ethnologue

By Samuel Ko | Mar 1, 2019

On Feb. 21, SIL, Wycliffe’s key field partner, released the 22nd edition of its authoritative catalogue of world languages, the Ethnologue. “Our knowledge about languages is dynamic–and constantly improving,” SIL notes on its website. “In 2009, the 16th edition of Ethnologue recorded…

Technology aids access to God’s Word

By Guest Contributor | Mar 1, 2019

While an Engan [person] may be reluctant to read a printed copy of the Bible in Enga, they will quite readily sit down and try to read along with the Android phone app.

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Wycliffe U.S. Appoints New Director

By Samuel Ko | Feb 27, 2019

Beginning in April 2019, Dr. John Chesnut will begin serving a three-year term as the new president and CEO of Wycliffe U.S., following a transition period with Bob Creson. Creson has served as president and CEO of Wycliffe U.S. over…

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Berki’s Choice

By Samuel Ko | Feb 14, 2019

Since he was 19, this committed Christian has struggled to keep his life clean in God’s eyes. Based on what he knows in God’s Word, Berki has consistently refused to participate in a Hamer people’s cultural rite of passage into manhood: bull jumping. In this ceremony, the village gathers. Bare-backed women chant and blow horns in hopes of provoking the boys to whip them with birch sticks. The permanent scars become a symbol of their devotion — even though some women have died from the beatings.

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Wycliffe Japan Celebrates 50th Anniversary

By Guest Contributor | Jan 25, 2019

Established in 1968, Wycliffe Japan is the oldest Wycliffe Global Alliance organization among the 25 in Asia and also the first non-western Alliance organization that stepped out to serve minority language communities.

The Canela Creation Story

By Jack Popjes | Jan 10, 2019

After my wife Jo and I accepted the Canelas’ invitation 50 years ago to come and live with them in their jungle village in Brazil, we never heard a Canela pray. Why should they? Their Creator had abandoned them.

No word for “grace”

By Guest Contributor | Jan 8, 2019

In February 2018, three of our Nukna co-translators (Muransi, Emson and Tángiliong) came to Ukarumpa (the main translation centre in Papua New Guinea) to help Matt revise the first drafts of Galatians and Ephesians. God certainly blessed our time together,…

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SIL Philippines Contributes Photographs to Prestigious Encyclopedia

By Samuel Ko | Jan 8, 2019

Several hundred images from SIL Philippines’ photo archive collection are gracing the pages of a large, prestigious encyclopedia, recently revised and published by the Cultural Center of the Philippines