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Bible translation movement shows big progress

By Wycliffe Canada | Sep 13, 2023

More than half of all languages on earth now have Bible translation work happening—some for the first time and some working toward complete Bibles or undergoing revisions.

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When words change their meaning

By Wycliffe Canada | Aug 9, 2023

The Plain English Version (PEV) Mini-Bible is an English translation of the Bible designed specifically for Aboriginal Australians who speak English as a second language.

New Wycliffe video features Canadian author Ann Voskamp

By Wycliffe Canada | Jul 11, 2023

“If we care about people actually having life in the world,” says writer and speaker Ann Voskamp, “. . . how can they know what it means to be fully human apart from God’s Word?”

Round trip

By Wycliffe Canada | May 17, 2023

“I intended to make the navy a career, but after about 12 years on active duty, my first child was born, and my father died from cancer. I started to question my future and my priorities. I prayed for the Lord to show me the way.”

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Bible translator killed in Cameroon

By Wycliffe Canada | Mar 29, 2023

A Cameroonian man who supervised Bible translation work in the Mfumte cluster of languages in Northwest Cameroon has been killed, after being kidnapped by a group of armed men earlier this month.

Prison, pigs and God’s redemptive love

By Ruth Richert | Mar 8, 2023

Two members of the Eastern Lawa translation team share the dramatic story of their journey to faith in Christ.

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Wycliffe Canada board appoints interim president

By Wycliffe Canada | Mar 1, 2023

Wycliffe Canada’s board of directors has appointed a long-serving Wycliffe member to serve as interim president, following the resignation of Roy Eyre. Sharyn Thomson, who joined Wycliffe’s staff in 1986, brings more than 36 years of experience in the Bible translation movement in Francophone West Africa.

“Chameleon” technology aids in sign language translation

By Wycliffe Canada | Jan 24, 2023

In my work with the global Deaf community, I’ve discovered that less than two percent of the Deaf identify as followers of Jesus. But new technology offered by Wycliffe and their global partners is trying to change that.

Son of Man or “pumpkin child?”

By Wycliffe Canada | Jan 11, 2023

A completed New Testament could be published very soon for the Rangi language community of central Tanzania. But recently, one reviewer noticed a startling error.

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SIL International among winners of Amazon’s AWS IMAGINE Grant

By Wycliffe Canada | Dec 5, 2022

Wycliffe’s key partner, SIL International, is one of 10 organizations selected to receive the Go Further, Faster award, one of two awards in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) IMAGINE Grant. Winners were announced Nov. 29 on the AWS website at aws.amazon.com.…