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A grandmother’s love of the Word bears fruit

By Wycliffe Canada | Jul 21, 2022

After his grandmother passed away, a young man in Peru remembered her love for God’s Word.

What God did during those 24 years!

By Jack Popjes | Jun 8, 2022

My wife Jo and I are revising, before we publish, our memoir covering 24 years of ministry in Brazil and what God did through us. Our God-given mission goal was to translate a large part of the Bible into the…

Illustrated map of the world

“I cried for the first time in my life”

By Wycliffe Canada | Jun 2, 2022

Imagine a region torn by war. The militia controls public life. People live in fear. How can the translated Word of God make a difference? How can it even get to people? In that troubled region in West Asia, four…

A heart filled with honey

By Wycliffe Canada | Apr 27, 2022

As a child, Stella had enjoyed school on the few occasions she was able to attend. But because there was no one to sponsor her education in Cameroon’s Ndop Plain, she had to drop out.

Delivered from darkness

By Wycliffe Canada | Apr 22, 2022

Growing up under communism as part of a minority language group in Asia, Bota knew nothing about Jesus. But as a young adult, she grew increasingly curious about the meaning of life and whether God existed.

“Just trust me!”

By Wycliffe Canada | Apr 21, 2022

When Danny Foster was first approached about serving as CanIL’s president, he said no. He was having the time of his life, as training co-ordinator for an ambitious Bible translation project in Tanzania, East Africa.

Quechua translators reach Bible translation milestone

By Wycliffe Canada | Apr 19, 2022

Translation of the Old Testament into the Eastern Apurímac Quechua language of Peru has been completed. As a result, the minority language group will soon have access to the entire Bible in the language that serves them best.

An important distinction

By Wycliffe Canada | Mar 28, 2022

My husband Will was working with a local translation team. One day, we were reading Mark chapter 6. It says that Jesus sent out his disciples, saying, “Take nothing for your journey except a staff.” One of the translators asked me, “How old were the disciples?”

Ukraine Response: Wycliffe Poland

By Wycliffe Canada | Mar 15, 2022

As of this week, more than 60 per cent of the people fleeing Ukraine have come to Poland — more than all other European countries combined.

“Pray for us,” says Bible Society of Ukraine

By Wycliffe Canada | Mar 9, 2022

A Ukrainian Bible Society team is tirelessly bringing physical and spiritual food to seniors, as well as people in bomb shelters, hospitals, and orphanages. Some are calling them “Angels of Kyiv,” says a Mar. 7 web posting by the Canadian…