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A Newfound Connection

By Guest Contributor | Nov 9, 2020

When the father showed the Romanian sign language video to his deaf son, the boy perked up and seemed to clearly understand the story’s message.

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Wycliffe World Day of Prayer

By Wycliffe Canada | Nov 6, 2020

Shalom is the theme for the upcoming Wycliffe World Day of Prayer, held annually on Nov. 11.

God’s Word Touches Hearts in Nigeria

By Samuel Ko | Nov 6, 2020

Although the young Ndokwa woman was familiar with Scripture, this was the first time she was hearing it in her language. Immediately, both she and her daughter decided to follow Christ.

A Changed Perspective

By Guest Contributor | Oct 7, 2020

Jamal was moved by the sign language Scripture translations he watched, but the videos mainly stirred up questions — especially when it came to the divinity of Jesus.

A Great Harvest in Peru

By Guest Contributor | Sep 15, 2020

“What is currently happening with the Quechua Church is truly extraordinary! There is revival! I have never seen anything like it in all the time I have been working in ministry.”

The 30th Anniversary

By Jack Popjes | Sep 10, 2020

On Aug. 10, 2020, my wife Jo and I celebrated a significant anniversary of a major life event in 1990. The location was a Canela village in Brazil. The occasion was the distribution of newly printed Bible portions, which Jo and I helped translate in partnership with the Canela people.

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Tanzania language group dedicates New Testament

By Samuel Ko | Sep 10, 2020

The Malila people of Tanzania dedicated the New Testament in their language on Sept. 5, at an event held in Ilembo.

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700th Bible translated

By Samuel Ko | Sep 2, 2020

The full Bible has now been translated into 700 of the world’s 7,300-plus languages.

Wycliffe Russia Builds Virtual Networks

By Jim Killam | Aug 21, 2020

“Russia is big, and our office is not,” says Wycliffe Russia’s Vlada Dibirova. “We send churches information, news and videos. And also, we constantly contact pastors . . . to pray for them and the church’s needs.”

An Observable Difference

By Samuel Ko | Aug 13, 2020

God’s Word, coming in accurate, natural and clear Eastern Apurímac Quechua, deepens and expands the impact the gospel is having among these hardy mountain people.