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The story of “How Great Thou Art”

By Wycliffe Canada | Jul 12, 2021

1934. A village in the Carpathian Mountains. Anna* reads from a Russian Bible, her words precise and careful. She is the first person in her village ever to do so—the first person ever to learn to read. Her guests listen…

Chadians celebrate full Bible in Chadian Arabic

By Guest Contributor | Jun 10, 2021

Translation of the full Bible into Chadian Arabic, a language spoken by half the population of Chad, was completed in 2019. The project, which spanned 25 years, culminated in the arrival of some 21,000 printed copies this past April. Two…

How to find God in your questions

By Guest Contributor | Jun 3, 2021

Our friend Kwefi — a young, local Christian mother — had just died in childbirth, and I was angry. “Why, God? Why did you let her die?” I yelled. I was desperate and insistent for answers.

South Asians respond to the Word

By Guest Contributor | May 31, 2021

Though South Asia can be a challenging region of the world for Christians to serve faithfully in ministry, Bible translation is moving forward and God is blessing His people.

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Wycliffe’s Arsenault shares in top award

By Wycliffe Canada | May 17, 2021

Dr. Paul Arsenault, a Wycliffe Canada member and faculty member of the Canada Institute of Linguistics (CanIL), has been awarded a top prize from the Journal of the International Phonetic Association. Arsenault co-authored Kalasha (Bumburet Variety) with Alexei Kochetov, Jan…

“YWAM has people”. . . and a big vision

By Guest Contributor | May 14, 2021

Forty-six countries have five or more languages still needing Bible translation to begin, totalling 1,142 languages. YWAM has people in every one of those countries — including mother-tongue speakers for about 200 of the languages.

In all things

By Ruth Richert | May 7, 2021

While the pathos of his childhood is striking, what stands out to Yves Léonard is the constant thread of God’s love and calling on his life.

“Now I know what to read in our mosque!”

By Guest Contributor | Mar 16, 2021

When I gave [the mullah] a copy of the New Testament in Uzbek he took it, touched it with his lips and forehead and finally held it close to his heart.

True liberation

By Wycliffe Canada | Feb 16, 2021

After arguing among themselves whether to execute their missionary captives, the leaders of the terrorist group chose instead to “liberate” their car and equipment, and let them go. Part of this equipment included a film projector and films about the life of Christ.

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Chadian language group dedicates New Testament

By Wycliffe Canada | Feb 12, 2021

After numerous delays, the Guerguagui people of Chad have finally received the New Testament in their language, Guerguiko.