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Tanzania language group dedicates New Testament

By Samuel Ko | Sep 10, 2020

The Malila people of Tanzania dedicated the New Testament in their language on Sept. 5, at an event held in Ilembo.

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700th Bible translated

By Samuel Ko | Sep 2, 2020

The full Bible has now been translated into 700 of the world’s 7,300-plus languages.

Wycliffe Russia Builds Virtual Networks

By Jim Killam | Aug 21, 2020

“Russia is big, and our office is not,” says Wycliffe Russia’s Vlada Dibirova. “We send churches information, news and videos. And also, we constantly contact pastors . . . to pray for them and the church’s needs.”

An Observable Difference

By Samuel Ko | Aug 13, 2020

God’s Word, coming in accurate, natural and clear Eastern Apurímac Quechua, deepens and expands the impact the gospel is having among these hardy mountain people.

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Bible translator killed in Cameroon

By Samuel Ko | Aug 13, 2020

Another Bible translator in Cameroon has been murdered following an attack in his village. Pastor Christopher Tanjoh, who was a Bible translator and literacy teacher with the Moghamo Bible translation and literacy project, was killed on Aug. 7.

A Roma Village Transformed

By Guest Contributor | Aug 5, 2020

Seeing their poverty, we did not leave them in need, and God did in their hearts much more than we could have thought.

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Global Alliance welcomes new executive director

By Samuel Ko | Jun 26, 2020

The Wycliffe Global Alliance is now under the leadership of Dr. Stephen Coertze, a former director of Wycliffe South Africa. Coertze began his official duties as executive director on June 3.

Let Us Run the Race With Perseverance

By Guest Contributor | Jun 16, 2020

Our aim was to put the Gergiko New Testament into the hands of the church, and that goal kept us going during very difficult times.

So They Too May Obtain Salvation

By Samuel Ko | Jun 16, 2020

By the time the translated New Testament was published in his language, Laka had worked on it for 16 long years. He had also walked more than 9,600 km in and out of the mountains.

5 Reasons Why Google Can’t Translate the Bible

By Guest Contributor | Jun 15, 2020

Five real-life reasons why human translators, not computer programs, are needed for clear, accurate and natural Bible translations.