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Word Search: Not your ordinary garden

By Guest Contributor | Jan 7, 2021

A translation team in Tanzania was working on translating “Garden of Eden,” but the Swahili word the translators had considered just wasn’t adequate.

Four generations in missions

By Guest Contributor | Jan 7, 2021

“When [God] chose my great-grandfather, he wasn’t just choosing an individual, but the generations coming afterward that would continue in that work.”

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SIL joins UNESCO’s Global Education Coalition

By Wycliffe Canada | Dec 18, 2020

Wycliffe’s key partner organization has joined a group of UN agencies, international non-governmental organizations (INGOs), private and civil society members to further advance innovative learning initiatives for the world’s changing learning environments.

New Milestones in Digital Scripture Availability

By Guest Contributor | Dec 16, 2020

Globally in 2020, digital Scriptures in 1,968 languages became available on various sites and apps.

Saved by a former enemy

By Guest Contributor | Dec 14, 2020

While I was cutting a tree, the trunk fell on my right leg. It fractured my bones and ripped open my flesh from heel to knee. I couldn’t get up, or walk.

A Strange Season

By Guest Contributor | Dec 7, 2020

Acknowledge the very real darkness of this world and you’ll have eyes to see Advent through the same lens as the people waiting for a Messiah thousands of years ago.

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Displaced Cameroonians find solace in translated Scripture

By Guest Contributor | Dec 3, 2020

“Life here has been very difficult. . . . This Bible in my own language is my only source of hope now.”

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Children’s book highlights Bible translation

By Guest Contributor | Dec 3, 2020

A new book featuring Kate and Mack is an adventure based on the Tower of Babel, where languages began.

Bloom software helps blind and visually impaired

By Guest Contributor | Dec 2, 2020

A 2019 pilot project in the Philippines resulted in digital books for the blind and visually impaired.

A newfound connection

By Guest Contributor | Nov 9, 2020

When the father showed the Romanian sign language video to his deaf son, the boy perked up and seemed to clearly understand the story’s message.